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Lose a Life, Start Again

Define happiness,
Find solitude,
Become a hermit,
Take a vow,
Break a heart,
Lose a life,
Start again.


We Touched Our Lips Together and Called it a Kiss

It was early on a grey morning,

that we held hands and blew mist

in the air that was so crisp

it caught the words we left unsaid.

We watched the frost melt in the first ray

of sunshine on the ground,

and you touched my hand on this new day

that we’d somehow found

with each other.

I pushed my hand in your Winter coat pocket-

“There’s room enough for two”, you said,

and we smiled the shy, sly smiles that lovers do,

then touched our lips together and called it a kiss.

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Catch Her if You Can


Tricksie pixie, why do you taunt men so?
He spent all of his time chasing, never catching,
And now he wonders, where oh where did the years go?


Summer Dreams

Close your eyes to the madness and the beautiful dreams will always be there; if only to learn to see them with eyes wide open...

Close your eyes to the madness and the beautiful dreams will always be there; now only to learn to see them with eyes wide open…


The Angophora

The Angophora looms-

A giant pinnacle of tree

with twisted knots that turn your heart

like words turning a blunt-edged knife.

It rises, spread-legged

covering your sky and

intertwining like asymmetrical lace

or lovers in the grass,

limbs twisted in impossible loops.

The tree whispers reedily

as the wind gives it voice

and the Earth gives it soul.

You are so small

a fleeting extra

in the story of its life

as the tree carries on

speaking words

with more heart

than it has ever been shown.

Photo copyright of Pamela Bell

Simple Days

The simple days,

the quiet times,

the loving lines

we make in sand;

I hold your hand

and we know

if this is all we had,

then we’re richer

than the king

We’re more wealthy

In our minds

And we’ll savour it this time,

coz every moment is so fleeting

Every second

that lasts for hours

is a second chance

we get

to live in love.




Although life goes on

It gets more tangled

His coffee hits

act as a quick fix

To fill a hole

And he’s getting baked

So he can feel words

As more than just

Loose pebbles

Breaking on a wall.

His other woman

is mixing minds

with his first lady,

and he feels like his

burdens are equivalent

to the president.

The cash that keeps

him tied to work each week

is a chain that keeps

his days looking bleak,

and the only hope is in the music-

if he didn’t have that, he would lose it.


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