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June 26, 2012

You put in
and then you put out
you feel that everyone is laughing
but you crave them just the same
I know you’re lonely
and even you can see
the damage that you’re doing
and the problems on your mind
You figure that if
you say i love you
enough times
maybe then you’ll start to feel it
and if you stick around
and fuck with
enough people’s minds
maybe you’ll be the one to deal it
but I know what’s really going on
I know you’re lonely.


From → Poetry

  1. Beautiful and simple. Very nice.

  2. A very good clean theme, add tags to all the posts with words that are in the posts

  3. Mhelbiin permalink

    Nice piece..really.

  4. Just was looking back..saw this poem. Nicely written, with words that cut like ice then melt as one slowly recognises the sentiments they arouse. Sadness, yes. But comfort in reading!

    • Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you liked it and it was comforting. But it is quite sad, yes…

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