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Shave Your Head And Move To The Country

July 3, 2012

When every day is exactly the same
and a change is needed
a release
from monotony
There is no joy
there is no sorrow
You shave your head
you move to the country
you put your thai pants on
and go inside yourself
But what you find
is not
what you needed
So you run, run, run
and you don’t stop running
years in the future
hitting a wall
of acceptance
makes you realise what a fool you’ve been.


From → Poetry

  1. Yes, pain might make us want to change our surroundings, such as a death or loss of a relationship. I realized that no matter how much I change my surroundings, the pain will still be there and it is better to have loved and feel pain, than to never have loved at all. Love includes loss, but a life without love is a loss.


    • Yes, this is very true. It is the acceptance of this fact that can take a while a be a long and difficult journey for many.

      • Yes, people will change everything else around them, but not accept the truth of what has happened to them or their love ones. Accepting is the first step, I learned that the hard way.

        Liz Fruitberry (LizEccentric7)

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