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The River She Is Beautiful

July 3, 2012

The river she is beautiful
making you feel so at home
so much peace
floating in the air around you
Her water whispers
wet, non-judgmental words
in your keen ears
Closing your eyes
her presence consumes you
lapping at your ankles
and tickling your toes
while you breathe her salty smell.


From → Poetry

  1. We go to the river often, it makes me feel at peace with myself. I hope to buy a home on the river when we retire someday. This poem is exactly what it feels like to step in the river and truly to see nature’s beauty.

    • Thanks, Liz. And you must do it! Living on a river is the most beautiful, peaceful thing!

  2. I love the river, and really water in general, because there is something about it that places the soul in the midst of serene perfection while existing in such an imperfect world. It is calming oftentimes, and it allows you to be just as free as it is. I loved reading through your poetry!

  3. You have described it perfectly, T.S Wilkins. There is something almost magical about it.
    Thankyou for stopping by to leave a comment. 🙂

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