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Mind On Paper

August 20, 2012

There are days when I don’t have a single word to say, so instead I draw a picture.

What is it that makes writing so easy some days and then on others you cannot write even a few lines without throwing them out?


From → Art, Poetry

  1. LizEccentric7 permalink

    My best writing is done when I first wake up, not sure why.. .

    • Maybe because your mind is fresh and there hasn’t been time for it to fill up with distractions?
      My best writing is at 3am when I wake up with ideas that I have to put down on paper!

  2. So I’m attracted to women. Is that a bad thing?

    • Course not… How is this relevant to anything?

      • I was hoping you’d tell me.

        • Well my instant thought is that you’re spamming to get views 😉

          • haha that’s not quite it, but thank you for playing 😉

            • If that’s not “quite it”, humour me and tell me exactly what “it” is. 🙂

              • It’s quite obvious. I was flirting with you. Empathy is your best friend. You have to think like a man 🙂

                • I know. I just wanted to make you say it. 😉

                  • Now I feel sad. You’re a horrible human being.

                    • No you don’t… You’re just messing around. Cheer up, the world is pretty. Sometimes.

                    • I appologise. I’m hopeless for women over the internet. There’s a false perception within my mind that all women on the internet are tumblr sluts who want nothing more than sex and smut. It makes the day more bareable.

                    • Well at least you realise it’s a false perception. 🙂 Have a nice day!

  3. Sometimes words aren’t the best tool for the job.

  4. we are most heard when we are quite sometimes….

    i love the drawing……very artistic,

  5. It’s something known as “The writer’s block” of the best authors have (if I may use) “suffered” from it…It’s just that you need some time for yourself and your thoughts to assemble! 🙂

  6. I can’t draw for the life of me…i am impressed by this.

    • Thanks, Boomie 🙂 I love drawing and have been doing it all my life… The drawings on here are just quick sketches, though!

  7. re0cartaoprechbin1979 permalink

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  8. mrmodigliani permalink

    A Modigliani sketch!

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