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The Faerie Dance

August 21, 2012

The flute’s song begins to play,

With passion and utter immersion,

All near begin to fall,

Succumbing to the rhythm,

Patterned bodies glisten,

With sweat and sparkle of

The faerie dust,

Then you see her, lithe as a snake,

Tinted locks down to her waste,

And prancing to her favourite tune,

Love is the last thing,

On her mind,

She’ll beguile you and trick you,

You’ll dance the mad dance with her,

Kicking your feet high up to the stars,

An eternity flies past with a whisper and a blink,

And your life has passed on by,

Searching your surroundings and inside,


You realise,

She left you by and by, alone,

Old man, wrinkled and forlorn, even her memory is fading,

Where did she go, this faerie love of yours?

Far on the horizon, she is dancing up a frenzy

Another by her side.



From → Art, Poetry

  1. Jaxxsinn permalink

    Simply….. Incredible 😀

  2. Very, very special…the ending brings tears to eyes. I love the touch of wickedness and play, love the way the thoughts and words roll. In a previous era we’d be buying your books in dusty little bookshops.
    I nominated you for Super Sweet Blogging Award on my post. Yes, it is a bit sugary.

    • Aw thank you so much for your comments and the sugary nomination 🙂 Oh man, how I would love to sell my books in a dusty little bookshop… I really hope that era isn’t dying out completely.

      Have a lovely day!

  3. Magically touching, felt the fairy dust after.

  4. ~Lady Day permalink

    This is so hypnotically sad. Just gorgeous.

  5. Drawing and words were amazing. Thank you.

  6. Sweet without being cloying. Well done!

    • Cool! You are the only person I’ve ever seen use the word “cloying”. 😀

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