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September 30, 2012

They searched the courts for freedom,

While he looked for freedom within.

They beseeched their government for justice,

While he found peace within himself.

They filled their wallets fat with gold,

While he filled his heart instead.

They lived through the images they were given,

While he lived only through experience.

They loved the flesh and fought with their lust,

While he fell in love with the spirit and embraced desire.

They wrapped their soles and their limbs,

And hid from the feel of nature on their skin,

While he journeyed the world and conversed with its people.

He threw his shoes away so he could touch the soil under his feet,

While they felt only the dirt that was clogging their minds.


From → Poetry

  1. What a beautiful post… I really enjoyed it!!

  2. A amazing poem. Last line made the poem complete. Real freedom is hard to find and hold on to,.

    • It can be. I don’t know many people who are willing to break out of the path that society has set for them and actually experience the world properly.

      Have a great day, John!

  3. Spontaneity is good. Great poem!

  4. Fine piece, the contrast is highlighted and finely pointed. Me? I especially like the
    “he journeyed the world and conversed with its peoples” line.

    • I’m glad you liked it 🙂


    • angelicdemonic permalink

      The world needs addressing lets walk this together world within world and hand in hand.

  5. yeah, you are going beyond here, up and beyond. Wonderful!

  6. The exact idea I have been trying to teach my heart and realize myself…

    Loved it

  7. Sylvie,very impressive.Best wishes.jalal

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