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Autumn Nostalgia

October 8, 2012

Orange leaves fall,

Saying goodbye to

The ghost of a Summer


The memories of laughter

And wine soaked days

In the sun,

Are etched into

The bark of an old willow,

And her leaves

Sweep the water,

Tasting the chill of

The icy Winter

To come.


From → Photos, Poetry

  1. time to keep the log pile stocked so the fireplace can help fend off the icy chill of winter until the true warmth of Spring arrives again in full glory …. staying warm definitely shifts into the top priority mode for sure …. wishing you well and warmth, Jimi

    • Mmm… cosy wood fires… the best thing about Winter… Thanks for the well wishes and the warmth, Jimi. Luckily for me, though, I’m in Australia and we’re actually heading into Summer. I wrote this thinking about my friends in Europe!

  2. aaaah, here i am thinking warm fire while you may be thinking cool water …. the wonderous contrasts that can exist here on this third rock from the sun can be mind boggling indeed Sylvie ….:)


    • Ahh yes, it is a surprisingly cold Spring, though! Today is freezing 😦 I am still thinking about warm fires!


  3. scotthastiepoet permalink

    My first visit to your blog… Enjoyed having a good rattle around this morning and found this piece in particular caught me. To me, yours words and structure here resonate perfectly with what you are talking about – beautifully and poignanatly expressed… The work of a true soulful poet – made me feel good inside. All the Best to you, Sylvie… Scott x

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