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Rain On Skin

November 2, 2012

Rain on skin,

Like the lover’s kiss,

Wind through hair,

Like his finger’s touch,

Trunk of a tree,

Is his comforting shoulder,

Earth under foot,

Like his unyielding strength,

Mountain overhead,

Is his protective shadow,

But nothing can compare,

To the storm all around you.


From → Photos, Poetry

  1. Nice one, Sylvie. Sometimes the greatest truths are simply expressed.

    • Thank you, Paul. I find beauty in simplicity and unnecessary frills can certainly detract from it.

  2. Lovely piece.

  3. i like the green leavesless trees

  4. Wonderful, charming expression, Sylvie. Like it!

  5. I… ADORE … this. Chilling imagery.

    • Thank you, Ina… I wasn’t sure about this one, but I’m happy you took something from it 🙂

  6. Simple and very effective Sylvie. A joy to read this post. Ralph x

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