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‘The Stairs’ by Emily Fogarty

November 22, 2012

Their faces are worn,

Tired from the many feet that must trample upon them.

They know no way but up and down,

Their armour of wool frayed at the edges,

Giving up everything to help the soles who seek for another level,

Their visitors bound away,

Not thinking twice about their unspoken labourers.

A railing and a wall are their only friends,

Who care not an ounce about them.

Serving their duties of keeping clumsy guests from sliding away,

The stair’s always there

Guiding us safely to our destination,


Or down.


By Emily Fogarty, a very talented 12 year old. This is a lovely poem with an imaginative and clever concept. Emily would love to hear what you think in the comments below 🙂


From → Inspiration, Poetry

  1. Outstanding. I particularly like “help soles reach another level”. Very clever! I shall think about that now whenever I climb the stairs at home now.thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. the ladder of love, angels up / angled down: your voice — vital choosings.

  3. Very well done

  4. So talented! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing: Emily you have areal talent for chosing words, links and pace. This is acleverly structured, lovely piece of art – a very different view of an everyday object. More please.

  6. I enjoyed this piece of work. Well done Emily 😀 Ralph

  7. That’s just fantastic!

  8. Moira DAly permalink

    Wow, what a great poem! Very talented! My own stairs have just acquired personality – I’ll never take them for granted again!

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