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This River

November 24, 2012

Two years and this river still feels like home,

Crossing waters and seeing the night sky,

From all angles of this world,

No place will ever stay with me,

The way this river does-

Memories etched, always,

Under my skin.

Phosphorescence and fish,

Hand in hand

In moonlit shadows.

Stormy days and wintry nights,

Humid Summers,

Where even the trees are sweating

In the dark.

I belong to this place,

And here I am free

To be… me.


From → Poetry

  1. An interesting journey, these two lines –

    “Where even the trees are sweating

    In the dark.”

    Love them,


    • Thanks Jim… It’s true, too, the whole land feels like it is melting on those hot nights.


  2. Superb from beginning to end!

  3. very well written

  4. Hi Sylvie, You have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please check my latest post for more details

  5. Great style! Love the images and the simpleness it has…


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