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That Girl

December 28, 2012

That girl knows how to

Invest in a long

Term heartache.

She’s got insides of

Diamond to

Stick it out for

The long haul.

That girl knows how to


Even if her friends

Say she’s crazy.

She’s got a body

Like ice

And a mind that

Won’t quit.

And even though

He’s cheating her now,

And even though

He’s beating her now,

Her high class

Upbringing taught her

To never say no.

And if times are tough,

And if his hands get too rough,

She’ll put her face on

To show the world

She’s fine, it’s not abuse.

beautiful, black and white, eye, face, girl


From → Poetry

  1. To say those lines are powerful is…an understatement. So much more behind and in between them…

  2. Good work, nice structure to it.


  3. A hard read of a necessary write!
    She’s tougher than I, my eyes were damp.


    • It’s important that people keep writing about and sharing these things, no matter how damp one’s eyes get!

  4. Like the structure, short lines adding to the intensity, unwrapping a powerfully expressed piece.

  5. Oh I could just feel your words! Powerful yet simply complex…

  6. A hauntingly beautiful poem. “She’s got insides of diamonds,” reminds us of just how much pressure something precious is made to bear. I’m definitely going to follow your work.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. I like what you took from it. I will check out your blog, too… Thanks for following!

  7. Great use of irony. Great poem! My favorite line is “She’ll put her face on”.

    • Thank you! I like that line, too… like she is hiding herself behind a mask to face the world.

  8. A lot going on here, yet so simple, too. Thoughtful composition as usual.

  9. hello I’ve nominated you for blog of the year, here is the detail thank you

  10. And she’s flat out wrong. Well said, all in all.

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