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Your Life Is

January 17, 2013

Your life is a reflection

of your thoughts

It is a smattering

of your suppositions,

And a tapestry of experience

and interwoven discourse

There is a time-span of laughter

and conversational intercourse

to represent

your challenges,

And to accent and augment

your deliberate choices,

And especially

the accidental, too.


From → Poetry

  1. And especially
    the accidental, too

    perfect finish

  2. scotthastiepoet permalink

    Nice work… Like the subtle and confidently succinct way you’ve covered your theme here.

    First time here – via Meiro, I will be back… Take a look at what I do and let me know what you think.

    With Best Wishes


    • Thank you, I appreciate the comment, and I hope you choose to visit again!

      I will definitely check your blog out now.

      Sylvie x

  3. Ren permalink

    Beautiful !

  4. Oh wow. Your words are nothing but the truth. I am just…utterly amazed and downright speechless now.

    It’s beautiful.:)

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