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Put Your Mind To Bed

March 6, 2013

Goodnight you empty house,

you slick tiles and elastic air,

goodnight you electric, modernised hum,

goodnight you french gypsy jazz,

and European slang,

goodnight you undesired thoughts,

wanton dreams and stubborn procrastination,

goodnight you distant lover,

dripping floors and crawling beetles,

goodnight you silence and solicitation,

goodnight you lazy eye and awkward enunciation,

it’s time to put this mind to bed.


From → Poetry

  1. I really enjoy reading your “BLOG” Bravo!….JJ

  2. it’s time to put your mind to bed. nice I like it well worded! come by an see me please comment too thanks.

  3. ophelia permalink

    yes, please

  4. This really resonates for me … especially the elastic air. Enjoy reading your poetry – always gives me something to think about, or a new way to look at things.

    • That’s a lovely thing to say, KungFuGirl … It’s nice to know that I can reach people in some way.

  5. Amazing poetry and artwork. Strong description gave life to your words.

    • Thank you for appreciating, John. I really value your opinion and admire your poetry greatly.

  6. loving this poem – the rhythm – the wordplay…have a balletic quality. Excellent…D

    • Thanks, Dave! I tried something different with this one than my usual style.

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