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April 24, 2013

Although life goes on

It gets more tangled

His coffee hits

act as a quick fix

To fill a hole

And he’s getting baked

So he can feel words

As more than just

Loose pebbles

Breaking on a wall.

His other woman

is mixing minds

with his first lady,

and he feels like his

burdens are equivalent

to the president.

The cash that keeps

him tied to work each week

is a chain that keeps

his days looking bleak,

and the only hope is in the music-

if he didn’t have that, he would lose it.



From → Poetry

  1. Simple and elegant. Good work.

  2. It’s the little, tiny lived-in-life details that make this…

  3. good work !

  4. Super images here, and a progression to the ending ( music, music, music …0
    …but, just wondering if you had thought about substituting “poetry” for “music” in the penultimate line ??

  5. Lovely progression, good images from start to finish, but just wondering whether you had considered using “poetry” instead of “music” in the penultimate line ??

    • Ultimately it was meant to be about how the power of music and its creation/listening to it can keep a light of hope in your heart when you can find no other. The same could be said for poetry and you are right, that would probably resonate better with the community here. But to be honest, I like the rhyming sound of “music” and “lose it” together 😉

      • Hey, just a thought. In fact I identify very much with the character in the poem… In fact a lot of my inspiration comes from music.

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