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The Angophora

September 17, 2013

The Angophora looms-

A giant pinnacle of tree

with twisted knots that turn your heart

like words turning a blunt-edged knife.

It rises, spread-legged

covering your sky and

intertwining like asymmetrical lace

or lovers in the grass,

limbs twisted in impossible loops.

The tree whispers reedily

as the wind gives it voice

and the Earth gives it soul.

You are so small

a fleeting extra

in the story of its life

as the tree carries on

speaking words

with more heart

than it has ever been shown.

Photo copyright of Pamela Bell


From → Photos, Poetry

  1. I like your poetry and this one is one of the best among yours. The murmuring style is very romantic, like a whisper in the ear of your reader. The ending is a bit strange though. Are you saying your reader has immense love for the Angophora though he or she is small? You have just made the hero look so small now compared to your reader. Also, the Earth should the earth, right, if it refers to the soil that feeds the tree? It feels a bit like a fantasy novel turned into a science fiction novel.

    I didn’t find your novel “Willow O’Wisp” at Amazon. Is it still available for purchase? Do you have other novels published? Your writing is naturally poetic. How long have you been writing? 10 years? 15 years? You don’t seem to write often. I hope to see more of your works. You can read my poetry at my blog ( as well. I like it classy and technical, as science is my background. Writing is too unpredictable as a career.

    Here is an example:


    Too serene is the night
    Of the moon and the stars
    But to die in the lights
    Of the streets and the cars.

    It has its environmental cause though. I just happen to love the anapestic pattern that reflects your murmuring style of poetry, the classic way.

  2. Thank you for your detailed feedback. I’m really glad the poem touched you.

    Simply put, the poem was about the incredible majesty of the tree and how a human’s lifespan pales in comparison. The shadow of the tree and it’s ancient wisdom and bark soaked in memories can create the feeling of overshadowing the oftentimes petty day to day trials of a human life.

    If the message was confusing it is because I write based on feeling and just let the words flow from me. Perhaps I could do with adopting some of your classy, technical style!

    I would love to check out your writing. I am intrigued by the sample section you have posted from ‘Serene’.

    My novel, “Willow O’Wisp” is not actually up for sale on Amazon yet as I am hoping to publish it the traditional way. For now, publishing is a hopefully not too distant dream!

    I also create artworks, which I have just begun selling on Ebay. They can be found here:

    Thank you for visiting, I hope to see you again x

    • Another poem of yours that I like is “This River” because it feels genuine while containing some semantic technical elements. I like it natural and technical in one because somehow the author can just have the best of both worlds so effortlessly. How can something difficult be that effortless? It gives me as a reader a magical and poetic moment. If you want to write something like “She”, which you liked a few minutes ago while I was updating the content, you have to be used to writing for 4 hours straight. Patience pays off. Your authentic painting is worth AU $80 only? There’s always that first time. It may not be the best, but it’s definitely memorable!

      By the way, I just added a third paragraph in my explanations of “She” to illustrate the metaphors. Hopefully, it works this time. Fingers crossed… Make sure you post a comment to share your thoughts. Thanks!

    • It seems pretty hard to sell oil paintings, most of which are selling at a much lower price than yours. If it takes an afternoon to paint it, it’s really not worth the effort. Your digital prints actually sold better while it takes no time to print a copy. Hilarious! I noticed that you have a good long time boyfriend already ( It’s a good a poem though. Sometimes, people choose to remain victims to protect their so-called dignity. It’s sad. Don’t worry. I know you are not talking about yourself.

      How do you like the idea of adding a poem of yours on your painting or print? Maybe it sells better this way. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with a few different combinations. My mother is an artist specializing in flower arrangement. She makes most of the money from teaching art and not from selling art. Ego matters! 😉 Students love praises.

    • I see that you are not replying. In case you misunderstand my joke, what I meant to say is that most people buy paintings and prints for home decor. If that’s what they want, usually they prefer to do it themselves (the DIY trend). So, why not involve them in the process of creating the artworks by teaching a course (12-13 classes per season, for example) where students can take their own works home after each class. This way, students get to change their own paintings at home every week and can present them to their friends at dinners. This is how it’s done in Asia for a long, long time, where I grew up. It’s definitely a pride thing.

      Why do people buy paintings? They love your name and your reputation in the field. If you don’t have it now, you can teach your way to fame with the locals, in your city or state, before you sell your artworks in your own exhibitions, which can be sponsored by your municipal government. That’s how my mother made it, at a city with about 1.25 million people. It’s not too bad.

      • Hi, Sorry I have been extremely busy! I wasn’t intentionally not replying.

        I have actually been planning to add my poems into my paintings, so that’s a very good idea 🙂 For now I will continue to dabble with painting, as I’ve been busy illustrating for a series of children’s books, the first of which is being published in a few weeks!

        Your mother sounds like an interesting and talented lady 🙂

        Bless xx

  3. So very soothing and beautiful…Sylvie! You words always hit their mark! Blessings!

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