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We Touched Our Lips Together and Called it a Kiss

October 19, 2013

It was early on a grey morning,

that we held hands and blew mist

in the air that was so crisp

it caught the words we left unsaid.

We watched the frost melt in the first ray

of sunshine on the ground,

and you touched my hand on this new day

that we’d somehow found

with each other.

I pushed my hand in your Winter coat pocket-

“There’s room enough for two”, you said,

and we smiled the shy, sly smiles that lovers do,

then touched our lips together and called it a kiss.

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From → Poetry

  1. typosintheline permalink

    Precisely vague, saving, elegant.

  2. A very nice description of a kiss. A beautiful poem.

  3. mrmodigliani permalink

    A perfect word painting of a perfect moment

  4. Breathtakingly beautiful Sylvie!

  5. So…… Coming to Bonfire anytime soon to share your awesome skills??.. 😛 xxxxx

    • Maybe. But I don’t think I can make the words sound the way they do in my head…

  6. luca permalink

    lovely words miss x

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