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Put Your Mind To Bed

Goodnight you empty house,

you slick tiles and elastic air,

goodnight you electric, modernised hum,

goodnight you french gypsy jazz,

and European slang,

goodnight you undesired thoughts,

wanton dreams and stubborn procrastination,

goodnight you distant lover,

dripping floors and crawling beetles,

goodnight you silence and solicitation,

goodnight you lazy eye and awkward enunciation,

it’s time to put this mind to bed.


My Creations are now on Facebook

Hello all you lovely bloggers!

I’ve finally made a Facebook page to post updates on my art, poems and excerpts from my stories. If you enjoy what you see and want to stay updated, please visit and “like” here:

If you have a page you’d like me to visit, feel free to share it in the comments and I’ll give you a like for a like … if you like 😉

Have fun, everyone! xx


Wood Faerie

Silk skirt,

naked waist,

and freedom

to be,

She is there

in all of us


‘be wild’.

Your Life Is

Your life is a reflection

of your thoughts

It is a smattering

of your suppositions,

And a tapestry of experience

and interwoven discourse

There is a time-span of laughter

and conversational intercourse

to represent

your challenges,

And to accent and augment

your deliberate choices,

And especially

the accidental, too.



Disco disco


Trip the light fantastic

Supple body elastic,


Lithe, writhe,

Sweating, mincing



And, breathe.

That Girl

That girl knows how to

Invest in a long

Term heartache.

She’s got insides of

Diamond to

Stick it out for

The long haul.

That girl knows how to


Even if her friends

Say she’s crazy.

She’s got a body

Like ice

And a mind that

Won’t quit.

And even though

He’s cheating her now,

And even though

He’s beating her now,

Her high class

Upbringing taught her

To never say no.

And if times are tough,

And if his hands get too rough,

She’ll put her face on

To show the world

She’s fine, it’s not abuse.

beautiful, black and white, eye, face, girl


Glittering lights

And crumpled paper

On the floor,

A roast on the stove,

Warming the kitchen,

And we all know

Christmas is in the air.

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